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The driving force and the source of weather

Sources of energy for weather systems The Sun is the source of energy for weather systems. Although the sun is situated at a distance, but it is so powerful that its warmth and intense light are dominant during the day. This energy from the sun is responsible for driving winds and extraction of water vapour from the surface into the atmosphere to fall as rain or snow later on. Earth receives a very tiny portion of the energy of the sun which sufficient to sustain all life on earth. The heat and light from the sun are the daily drivers of weather. Only a portion of Earth receives sunlight at a time. As the position of the sun changes, the central point of application of heat on the Earth and the atmosphere also changes. The surface winds tend to move towards the point of application of heat by the sun as the hot air at the point of concentrated heat expands or becomes less dense and moves upwards. As the day and night cycle goes by, the point of application of heat moves continuously to